Well, it’s been some months that I have been selected to be the Design team lead for the Microsoft Student Partners, MSP programme for the Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands.

So, being a Student Partner of Microsoft, I have been able to extend my network with more passionate and dedicated people in the IT Industry within the whole world. Creative by default and as always, enthusiastic about technology and multimedia, today, I am able to develop application for both Windows 8 Phones and Windows 8 desktop application thanks to the Microsoft Programme. P.S, I’m releasing my first Windows 8 App on the app store in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Primarily, the MSP program has been a professional platform whereby I have been able to showcase my skills to the IT world and moreover, a career at Microsoft in the next few years is inevitable.

Today, it’s a dream becoming a reality. Yes, Microsoft. I never knew that one day, even not an employee of the Microsoft Corporation that i’ll be part of the corporation. As Bill Gates himself said, “I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot” and I had the same fate.

In the past few months, I have been to some event as such, the 15th anniversary of Microsoft in Mauritius held at Maritim Hotel Balaclava Mauritius where we, as MSPs have been demoing mostly Windows 8.1 features to people. Next, the opening of a store in Phoenix, “Arcasa”, a company of Iframac, which is actually a Microsoft partner and another event held at Jacey LTD.


So, my role as the Design Team Lead of the MSP programme is basically about coordinating a team, about undertaking tasks related to the graphical part of development. (Development consists of both coding part and designing the interfaces, the front end ) For instance, my team consists of 4-5 dedicated people. Fundamentally, I have been in charge of designing interfaces for Windows Phone Apps, Windows 8 Apps such as the “HM RAWAT” app, readily available on the app store and everything related to design.

Likewise, as a lead and decision maker, it’s very important to understand the UX (User experience) design aspect because, the end users are only concerned about the front-end app, but not the internal system of the app. So, the front end part is one of the very core of an application. If the UI of the app doesn’t look user friendly, it’s obvious that the app will be discarded once installed. Consequently, as a lead of the design team, I have to take into consideration every single details about the UX part and the UI part of the application being developed.

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