The question which most of the people (clients) asked themselves when they have pay for a service, seeking service of a developer for example. Why do they charge so much when it’s just about adding a container?

Basically, I had this issue with my previous clients while we sent them proposals with the project quotation attached. The issue which always happens — tell us why you are charging us that much? It’s much some ‘clicks’ for you I guess.

To answer to those ‘silly’ people, we developers, web developer, engineers or anyone in the IT field worked for years to understand that thing which you think can take us seconds or even clicks to modify.

When you have to pay us, you are not paying for just for the time spent on this particular work, but for the time we spent in learning, understanding and the application of that thing. By ‘thing’, I mean the work to be carried out. Let’s take the example of doing a static landing page, that’s just basic CSS, HTML in the client point of view but in our point of view, it’s different.

When we design or develop something, we have to cater for everything and when we do a work, it’s our integrity which is at stake. That’s also why we charge that much.

In the ‘client’ point of view, it’s like some clicks! but they don’t realise, for us to do those things they call ‘clicks’, it took us years to master that and to do that in such small amount of time.

I guess, I’m not the only one who had this issue. So, when you are proposing your client something, remind them this. One more thing is, this issue only affects the “Mauritian” client in the majority but on the other hand, with my overseas clients I don’t usually have this issue, because they value our work.